Unleashing superhuman capabilities for doctors with AI

We are transforming the future of healthcare with AI-powered medical assistant that:

Streamlines the administrative processes
for healthcare professionals by automating mechanical tasks, allowing them to devote more attention to their primary duty of patient care. 
Serves as a vast database
of the most current medical knowledge, readily accessible whenever physicians require. 
Bolsters decision-making capabilities
significantly reducing instances of misdiagnosis and improper treatments which often stem from physician fatigue and burnout.

How it Works?

Hippocraticum AI listens
Whether it's in-person visit or telehealth session, Hippocraticum AI is able to capture and interpret the patient encounter as it unfolds.
Hippocraticum AI transcribes
Hippocraticum AI can automatically transcribe patient dialogues and generate clinical notes in real-time across multiple languages.
Hippocraticum AI extracts
Hippocraticum AI is then able to identify the most important information from what's said, such as key questions, symptoms, or medication. These key data points are seamlessly and autonomously integrated into the EHR system, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.
Hippocraticum AI recommends
Hippocraticum AI automatically compares the patient data and insights to billions of other data points to qualify the best course of action, propose precise diagnoses and suggest better treatments.

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enabled by Hippocraticum AI


Online Patient Registration
Creation of Medical Records
Contract Management
Preliminary Assessment


Automated Transcription
Integration with EHR systems
Clinical notes generation
Diagnosis and treatments suggestions


Post-Visit Data Request
Remote Monitoring
Patient Information Clarification
Management of Patient Queries

We are on a mission

At Hippocraticum AI, we firmly believe in the extraordinary abilities of humanity to support and uplift one another with the ultimate aim of creating a better society for everyone.
Our mission here is not to replace doctors with AI, but rather to empower them
by combining artificial intelligence with human expertise to deliver exceptional care to patients.

Our team

Volodymyr Usov


Dmytro Priadko


Yaron Fanger


Ravi Patel


Ivan Kavalerov

Applied AI

Eugene Kruglyak

Head of Design

Xenia Shokhet


Roman Turchyn

Front End

Dr. Sergiy Lyulko

Medical Advisor

Dr. Dmitry Bugrimenko

Medical Advisor

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